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Imagine: you enter a store. The store does not know you until a transaction is performed at checkout. And even then the store will not recognize you as their client unless you pay by credit card or use a loyalty card.

Imagine: you enter a store with your friends. This time, you use your card to pay both for yourself and for your friends. The store systems will keep a record of your unusual behavior.

To stimulate your consumption of certain types of goods, the store’s premises are used as advertising space. On-site advertising works all together and for everybody at the same time, so the efficiency of each separate banner is low. This makes it impossible to substantially influence consumer behavior at the time when people are making their shopping decisions.

Kinian Toolkit Enables You to:

Kinian solutions make it possible to see a customer when they come to the door or pass by your store, to identify them and to invite them to come in with a personalized offer.

The system monitors your customers who have devices with an enabled Wi-Fi option, and they don’t even have to be connected to a particular Wi-Fi network. The system also allows you to personally contact your customers who have the store’s app installed on their devices.

As a result, the company is able to communicate with each customer personally and turn advertising “for all” into custom-made offers. The system accumulates information that enables you to analyze consumer behavior in your store.

Kinian is the foundation of automated customer relations.

Kinian Toolkit Components

Key Inventions Are Patent Protected.

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Our team consists of nine people with work experience in large companies such as Alfa-Bank, MegaFon, S&T, Beeline, and more. Half of the team are top class customer managers and product managers. The second half are analysts with degrees from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, the Moscow Aviation Institute, and the National University of Science and Technology MISiS.


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